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The average number of years it takes for US unicorns to exit


The median startup raised before its unicorn round


Global unicorns in 2022 cumulatively worth over $4T

Our mission

Building and scaling a startup is not for the faint of heart. Founders are continually innovating, experimenting, and iterating to stay ahead of the market. Only a few build something that people truly want and, as a result, they succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

As an investor, how do you identify those unique company builders? How do you know whether you should invest in what they are building? You know that the most compelling returns are found in the earliest stages of their growth but what should you look for? You begin to wonder whether investing in startups is available only to a privileged few.

That’s why we are building the first-ever venture capital fund that lets you to invest in companies that scale before they scale. By participating in our fund you get to see what true company builders do, and learn what it takes, to scale a startup.

Our strategy


Engage the best company builders

We identify and collaborate with those seed VCs who are true company builders. They are frequently sought after by founders who want to build the next generation of compelling companies.

Invest in their top portfolio companies

We invest in the portfolio companies that have found product-market fit and are beginning to scale. These are companies that either meet or surpass the relevant metrics and milestones at each stage of their growth. We fund these companies beginning at Series A all the way through to exit.

Monitor the companies as they scale

Today’s founders and their teams are skilled and experienced at scaling companies. We believe that those who built these companies, including their seed VCs, know best what to do and we should stay out of their way.
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